Dr. François Alesch

Professor for Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery


Patient information, directly to your home.

Covid-19 has hit us all unexpectedly and severely. Often my patients belong to the risk groups.

Classic information events as we knew them so far will probably not be possible for the time being in the pandemic context. Now, in the middle of the lockdown, we have made a virtue of necessity; Patient information, without physical contact, online via a platform that is also used at large congresses, streamed live to a computer or mobile device.

Many patients are now online and get along surprisingly well with this technology. Our first attempts were a bit improvised, but the patients appreciated the interaction during the lecture and the fact that the information comes straight to their home without a long journey. This is an important aspect, especially for patients with restricted mobility.
Currently, these casts are only in German; events in English will follow soon.

Visit us at gtmed.com and book our free NeuroCasts and PainCasts for patient information.